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Buy Greyhound Australia bus passes

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Greyhound Australia - available tickets and prices

Type (click on the ticket names to buy) Regular price: Special price with us:
WHIMit pass australia-wide (15 days) $399 up to 8% cheaper
WHIMit pass australia-wide (30 days) $505 up to 10% cheaper
WHIMit pass australia-wide (60 days) $569 up to 10% cheaper
WHIMit pass australia-wide (90 days) - most popular! $719 up to 10% cheaper
WHIMit pass australia-wide (120 days) $849 up to 10% cheaper
WHIMit pass East Coast only (7 days) $289 up to 8% cheaper
WHIMit pass East Coast only (15 days) $369 up to 8% cheaper
WHIMit pass East Coast only (30 days) $449 up to 10% cheaper
WHIMit pass East Coast only (30 days) incl. 10 nights bedhopper $815 up to 12% cheaper
WHIMit pass East Coast only (30 days) as East Coast Cruiser Package $2065 up to 12% cheaper

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  • You can pay in your favorite currency (for example: British pound , Swiss franc, Euro, Canadian dollar, New Zealand dollar, Norwegian krone, Icelandic króna, Israeli shekel, Australian dollar , and others)
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Comparison of Greyhound Australia pass types:

The new WHIMIT passes can do significantly more than the previous hop on hop off passes (which are no longer available for purchase...).

Different types of Greyhound Australia passes and their advantages

WHIMit Pass (Australia-wide)

Make all your travel plans come true with the Greyhound WHIMit Pass (Australia-wide) . Within the selected period (15, 30, 60, 90 or 120 days) it is possible to use Australia's most extensive bus network on any route and in any direction. There is no other travel option in Australia that offers you more flexibility than the Greyhound WHIMit Pass. With over 180 bus stations down under, you have the opportunity to enjoy your freedom and adventure even off the beaten path. The only thing you have to do is decide in advance how many days you want to book your Greyhound WHIMit Pass for.

WHIMit pass (East Coast only)

If you are absolutely sure that you only want to travel on the east coast (eg on the route between Sydney and Cairns or vice versa), then there is a cheaper option for bargain hunters, namely the Greyhound WHIMit (East Coast only) . This only entitles you to travel on the east coast routes (from Melbourne via Sydney to Cairns), but it is also slightly cheaper. The big disadvantage, however, is that you cannot later upgrade it to the Australia-wide one. So you have to decide beforehand.

Our conclusion: Better take the Australia-wide WHIMit Pass. Because plans change ;) we have been active for over 10 years and have sold countless Greyhound tickets during this time. We know from experience that you often spontaneously change your mind when you're there and want to take another "detour to xy". The price difference isn't very big, so it's better to get the Australia-wide pass straight away.

WHIMit pass (East Coast only) incl. bedhopper

The Greyhound WHIMit East Coast Pass is also available with a “ bedhopper ” extension . The bus pass is exactly the same, but there is also included a 10-night hostel pass (from Base/Nomads) . With this hostel pass you can stay for 10 nights on dates of your choice within the validity of your bus ticket (valid for shared rooms = dorms). After booking, you will receive a bedhopper number: With this number you can redeem the 10 nights (of course also individually or in any number of parts!) in Base or Nomads hostels along the east coast - basically like a voucher. We recommend booking the nights at least 48 hours in advance (the bedhopper cannot be used for fully booked hostels). This pass can be purchased a maximum of 1x per person!

WHIMit pass (East Coast only) as East Coast Cruiser package

The Greyhound WHIMit East Coast Pass is also available as an East Coast Cruiser ” package . The Greyhound Bus Pass is again the popular 30-day WHIMit East Coast Pass. In addition, 4 travel modules are included . Namely 3 days surf & stay in Byron Bay, 3 days Fraser Island tour, 2 days Whitsunday Island sailing trip and a full day snorkeling trip on the Great Barrier Reef. You can use all 4 modules independently of each other, and all 4 come as “open date vouchers” (which are even valid for 12 months). This means you have a kind of “free ticket” for these 4 activities, and you can set the exact date for them either immediately after purchase or later (very easy with just a few clicks in your Greyhound login area, but subject to date availability !Early booking is therefore strongly recommended, there is no entitlement to specific dates. The official conditions apply, as advertised on the Greyhound website). Below are the inclusive services for the 4 modules :

  • 3 days Surf&Stay Byron Bay : incl. 2x overnight stay (teepee style, shared bed) + 2x breakfast + 2x 2-hour surf lessons incl. board (from Byron Bay)
  • 3 days Fraser Island 4WD tour : incl. 2x overnight stay (adventure camping) with provided equipment (except sleeping bag) + 2x breakfast + 3x lunch + 2x dinner + return transfer to Fraser Island by ferry (from Noosa) + 4WD rental car manual transmission (shared with other participants. Only people over 21 are allowed to drive themselves, people under 21 are only allowed to “ride along”) + including National Park fees. Attention: an additional $20 (car insurance) and $10 (sleeping bag rental fee, if required) must be paid on site. These two fees are not yet included in the ticket price!
  • 2 day Whitsunday Island sailing trip : including 1x overnight stay (in a shared bunk on board the sailing boat) + full board on the boat + provided snorkeling equipment and wet suit (swimming suit) + all Marine Park fees. (from Airlie Beach)
  • Great Barrier Reef day trip : Full-day snorkeling trip on the Great Barrier Reef (by boat) with 5 hours of snorkeling time including guide or alternative diving time (for people with a diving license) on 2 different outer reefs + scuba diving test unit (for everyone to try out!) + incl. provided snorkel or diving equipment + 1 bottle of water + 1x “morning tea” + 1x “lunch buffet (hot and cold) + 1x “afternoon tea” + 1x reef lecture on board with a naturalist + reef visitor fee included (from Cairns)
Greyhound Australia fleet example

Greyhound special conditions with us

We have been a partner of Greyhound Australia for more than 10 years already and therefore now have really excellent special conditions with them. We can therefore offer you all Greyhound Australia passes cheaper than you would get them directly from Greyhound. Our permanent price advantage is up to 10% on all tickets !
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By the way: We are pleased that we have ben awarded the highest award level "Premier Aussie Specialist" by the official Australian tourist office . Making us one of the best Australia travel providers in the world.

Comfort on board Greyhound buses

Greyhound buses are now really well-equipped means of transport. Greyhound buses have absolutely nothing in common with a regular city bus. On the bus you will find, among other things, an on-board toilet, WiFi throughout the bus, reading lights at every seat, large panoramic windows and USB charging stations for smartphones or other electronic devices.

Most Greyhound buses are also equipped with ultra-comfortable leather seats. This way you can hold out for a few hours and enjoy the Australian landscape passing by.

Since you will spend a few hours on board the Greyhound buses, it is certainly important to know how the Greyhound Australia buses are equipped:

  • Each seat has a seat belt . So your safety is ensured at all times
  • There are comfortable leather seats
  • The backrests are adjustable
  • The buses in the Greyhound fleet have more legroom than in an airplane . Which is extremely important given the long time on board
  • Large, tinted windows are also a given, as is air conditioning
  • Free WiFi is available on board all Greyhound Australia buses. However, availability depends on the route. Because there is sometimes no reception in the outback
  • There is also a toilet on every Greyhound Australia bus. However, there are enough breaks so that you can stretch your legs or use a toilet at a stop.
  • On the Greyhound buses you have the opportunity to charge your mobile phone via a USB port

FAQ – about the Greyhound Australia passes

These FAQs are questions that customers have frequently asked us. The answers are short versions provided by us and are not guaranteed. The official and detailed conditions of carriage of Greyhound Australia apply in all cases.

How long are the passes valid and when do I have to take my first trip?

WHIMit Pass : You have 1 year from the time you purchase the ticket to start your first trip (so it doesn't have to be immediately). So you can buy your ticket today and then have 1 year to start your first journey. You activate the pass by booking the first leg. From the first drive on, the pass is considered valid for the booked period. So the days don't start from the time you buy it from us ;) but only from the time you step into the bus for the first time. You can book as many legs as you want, regardless of a travel route. This means that return journeys are also permitted.

How do I book/cancel the trips?

BOOK : You can easily book your sections online, by phone or at any Greyhound bus station. Booking for the routes should always be made at least 12 hours before the start of the journey.

CANCELING : You can cancel your booked trips at any time. This can be done online in your login area up to 24 hours before the trip. From 24 hours beforehand, up to 15 minutes before the trip, it goes through the Greyhound Call Center. There are no cancellation fees.

Do I have to reserve the trips in advance or can I show up spontaneously?

In any case, your trip should be reserved in advance online or by If you miss the bus, it is not possible to book this leg again. So please make sure to always be on time. It's best to be at the Greyhound Terminal about 20-30 minutes before the scheduled departure, as your luggage still needs to be stowed If you just show up at the terminal spontaneously, the bus driver unfortunately won't be able to take you with him. However, you can make the decision up to about 12 hours before you start your journey, which means it can be very spontaneous.

What happens if I miss my bus?

If you miss the bus, it is not possible to book this leg again. So please make sure to always be on time. It's best to be at the Greyhound Terminal about 20-30 minutes before the scheduled departure, as your luggage still needs to be stowed away.

May I drive the same route twice?

Yes, with the Greyhound WHIMit Pass it is possible to drive a route twice or even more often.

How many pieces of luggage am I allowed to take with me?

The ticket price includes 2 pieces of luggage weighing a maximum of 20 kg. Of course, additional hand luggage is also permitted on board the bus (eg a small backpack).

How much hand luggage is allowed?

One piece of hand luggage weighing up to 8 kg is permitted. Everything else must be stowed in the hold of the bus.

Is it possible to check in more pieces of luggage than the allowed 2?

Of course it is possible to take additional luggage with you on the Greyhound buses. Up to 3 additional pieces of luggage (each with a maximum weight of 20kg) can be taken for an additional small charge (at the moment of 10 Australian dollars each). However, additional luggage must be registered in advance.

What belongs in your hand luggage?

In any case, bring your valuables, such as money, passport, smartphone, laptop, etc. as well as hygiene products and possibly a small pillow/neck pillow (if your journey is a little further).

Is it possible to take sports luggage with you?

Of course, you can also take sports luggage with you on the Greyhound Australia bus if you register in advance. Surfboards, skis or water skis can be booked for an additional small charge (at the moment AU$15 each). There is also a place for your bike in the luggage compartment; taking it with you costs at the moment 49 Australian dollars.

Is the backrest of the seat adjustable?

Yes, each of the leather seats on board the Greyhound Australia bus line has an adjustable backrest.

May I eat and drink on board?

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to eat or drink on board the buses. But don't worry, there will be so-called “meal stops”. Mostly at breakfast, lunch and dinner times. Of course you have the opportunity to have a small snack at the rest stop.

May a dog or other animals be taken on the bus?

No, in principle no animals are allowed on board. No kangaroos either ;)

Where can I buy Greyhound Australia tickets?

You can buy your Greyhound passes locally in Australia. However, only in foreign currency (ie Australian dollars), and only in approved local outlets. Much easier: you buy your Greyhound pass from us :) This can easily be done online using our booking form , and remember: it is up to 10% cheaper than buying it directly with Greyhound Australia. And with us, you can easily pay for your ticket in your favorite currency of your choice (for example British pounds, US dollars, Swiss Franc, Euro, etc.)

What advantages do I have when purchasing through BackpackerPack?

We have special conditions at Greyhound and can even sell tickets to our customers cheaper than getting them directly from Greyhound. When you buy from us you actually save up to 10% compared to buying directly.

And through us you can choose from a wide range of payment options! Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), Apple Pay, Google Pay, Klarna invoice (Klarna depends on your home country) and many other options are available.

How long does it take until I receive my ticket?

In most cases, your ticket will be sent to you on working days within 24 hours of ordering (there is usually no shipping on weekends/holidays).

When is the best time to buy my ticket?

We recommend buying your ticket as early as possible! Since the prices are constantly changing (and can rise at any time!), it makes sense to secure your ticket (and therefore the best price) as early as possible. You have 1 whole year from purchase to start your first trip. So there is no reason to order last minute ;) On the contrary, it makes sense to order the ticket as early as possible.

These FAQs are questions that customers have frequently asked us. The answers are short versions provided by us and are not guaranteed. The official and detailed conditions of carriage of Greyhound Australia apply in all cases.

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Legal information: Greyhound Australia Conditions of Carriage and T&Cs apply. BackpackerPack GmbH assumes no liability for the insolvency of the provider (Greyhound Australia), or for route network changes/closures or changes to the conditions of transport/Terms and Conditions between the purchase of the ticket and the start of the journey. The BackpackerPack GmbH service ends with the delivery of the purchased ticket. BackpackerPack GmbH is also not responsible for accidents while driving. BackpackerPack is also not liable for the information presented on this site, in particular not for product features of the passes, or included services or comfort features shown. Any map/route map shown is an example representation (and may differ from the actually currently valid routing). Only the official information from Greyhound Australia applies, which can be found updated on the Greyhound Australia website: The comment that Greyhound tickets are cheaper with us than with Greyhound Australia directly is due to special conditions that we have with Greyhound Australia. We have long-term contracts with Greyhound for this. However, exchange rate fluctuations (especially rapid fluctuations) may mean that we cannot immediately update our price list on the website, and in rare cases, due to currency differences and exchange rate fluctuations, the prices advertised with us may be identical or slightly more expensive than those offered directly by Greyhound can. However, we strive to constantly and quickly adjust our prices so that our sales prices always undercut the official prices at Greyhound if possible. The bedhopper nights can be redeemed for 12 months from the time the ticket is purchased. The East Coast Cruiser Package activities can be redeemed for 24 months from the time the ticket is purchased. We cannot cancel/exchange all Greyhound tickets with this special offer.